It all started in our home kitchen . . .

In 2016, our journey began with Skipper entering our lives. Our search for wholesome pet nourishment revealed a market saturated with several pet food brands all offering the same variety of pet food with ingredients filled with artificial additives and chemicals. The food led to health woes for Skipper.

Determined to provide better, we started crafting nutritious homemade meals for him, armed with insights from vets and pet nutritionists, alongside diligent research. This initiative blossomed into a range of recipes and treats that have significantly enhanced Skipper's health over time. We started to observe higher energy levels, better digestion and healthy skin and coat. Soon, Kona entered our lives, and both our pups enjoy daily homemade meals and treats.

Yes, our dogs are the inspiration behind our name Skipper + Kona = Skona! The word Skona is also a Swedish verb that translates to ‘protect’. We strongly believe it is our duty as pet parents to protect and save our pets from harm by providing the best nutrition.

This motivated us to start Skona Pet Food where we aspire to share these nutritious recipes and learning with our fellow pet owners who seek nothing but the best for their furry companions.

We have been selling our treats across local farmers’ markets on the east coast and on our website for the past few years. We are grateful for the wonderful feedback and all the love and support we received from the pet community.

Our goal is to produce simple, healthy, and natural pet food products using premium quality ingredients and innovative cooking methods.

We as people have made the shift towards healthy diets and conscious nutrition, it’s about time we did the same for our pets!

Less pain and more pleasure for our pets, pet parents, and the planet!

We recognize the significant role the pet food industry plays in global emissions, intensified by
the rising number of pet-owning homes. To combat this, we focus on sustainable sourced meats, use of organ meats as treats which are commonly ignored in human diets eliminating food waste and use eco-friendly recyclable packaging solutions. We're on a mission to reintroduce the fundamental nutrition of natural diets to pets, creating pet food products that are healthy, eco-conscious, and reflect our dedication to the welfare of animals everywhere.

Together, we can make an impact on our pets and the planet one treat at a time

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